Three Reasons All Adults Should Attend Sunday School Classes

Some people believe that Sunday School classes are only for children and teens. However, this is not the case. Nearly every Baptist Church hosts Sunday School classes for people of all ages, including young adults, established adults and senior adults. If you are considering attending Sunday School classes or contemplating skipping Sunday School for an extra hour of sleep on Sunday morning, the following benefits of Sunday School may persuade you to go study the Word with your fellow church members in your age group.

Learn and Grow

No matter how many times you read your Bible and pore through the latest devotional book on your bookshelf, there is still so much more to learn about God's Word. Attending Sunday School classes will allow you to learn more about the Word and how you can apply it to your life. Sunday School classes are tailored to specific age groups and life stages, so the lessons you learn will be applicable to your life situation. You can also learn new perspectives from your peers, which will also help you to take something home from each Sunday School class that you can apply to your life.

Connect With Others

Attending morning church services alone may not give you the greatest opportunities to connect with other adults in your age group and stage of life. You greet each other before and after services, but there isn't much time to really form a bond and get to know other members of the church that could become close friends. Sunday School classes will allow you to find new friends, a mentor that will help you grow in your faith, and people you can socialize with outside of church.

Stay on the Right Path

When church members skip church services, they may falter in their faith and begin to make choices that aren't the best. A regular weekly influence from Sunday School can help you stay focused on God's plan for you, and help you to keep working toward doing His Will in all you do. While you may not be able to head to church every time the doors are open, God wants you to worship and fellowship with other members of His congregation, and Sunday School is a great place to do this. You'll come away from each class refreshed and renewed and able to withstand the stresses of life without falling into a rut of sin and discontent. 

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