Thinking About a Nursing Home for an Elderly Relative? 3 Questions to Ask Facilities on Your List

Making the decision to commit an elderly relative to a nursing home can be a tough decision to make. You can feel better about where your relative is going and encourage them to look forward to the move when you're confident that you've chosen the best facility in the area. Here are some questions you might want to ask different facilities as you're looking for the right one.

Is There a Range of Activities?

You might already be aware that different nursing homes have activities that they do with the residents; most nursing homes have an activities director that does nothing else but plan social activities for the residents to enjoy. However, it is vital that you select a nursing home that offers different types of activities that will be of interest to your relative; more importantly, you need to be sure that the activities will be suitable both now and in the future when their physical abilities might change. For example, your relative might love the idea of working in the nursing home's garden each day, but if their arthritis becomes worse, it's important that there are other activities that they like and can participate in.

Are There Trips?

While the nursing home you eventually choose will be your elderly relative's new home, being able to get out into the world every now and then is something they are likely to still enjoy. It's a good idea to ask nursing homes what kind of trips and events they go to. They may take day trips to the beach, see movies, head to the mall, visit the local grocery store, or have monthly meetups with residents of other nursing homes. Being able to anticipate different trips can help your elderly relative feel less isolated from the world.

Are Special Diets Accommodated?

Just as you want to consider your relative's future abilities when thinking about activities, it is even more important to ensure that a nursing home will offer meals that your relative is happy to eat both now and in the future. As your relative's life goes on, their doctor may recommend a gluten-free or vegetarian diet, for instance. They may need to have a no-solids diet. Ask about the variety and quality of the food available in any facility.

The information you glean from the questions in this article can help you and your elderly relative feel much better about making a nursing home part of your lives. Visit many places such as National Church Residences so you can make a good choice. After choosing a suitable place, continue to talk to staff members regularly so that you can remain aware of what is happening and how your relative is adjusting.

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Making the decision to commit an elderly relative to a nursing home can be a tough decision to make. You can feel better about where your relative is