Bad Communication Patterns That Hurt Marriages and How You Can Fix Them

Poor communication destroys relationships. In many cases, it could be solved, if people were willing to truly examine their poor communication patterns. Marriage counseling will focus on fixing hurtful communication patterns, such as the five below. 

Bad Habit #1: Nagging

Nagging occurs when you make the same request to your partner over and over. Does this sound like you? Nagging can irritate your partner and cause them to resent you.

How can you fix this?

Give your partner some time to fulfill the request. Give gentle reminders, if necessary. Remember it is not what you say but how you say it.

Bad Habit #2: Giving Mixed Signals

Do you often say "yes" when you really mean "no?" Do you do it to avoid being judged or rejected? When you intentionally say "yes" to your partner for peace's sake, you set yourself up for resentment and anger later on.

How can you fix it?

Be honest. Open up and let your partner understand how you feel. Trust your partner to appreciate your honesty so that together you can come to an agreed position on the matter.

Bad Habit #3: Sounding Negative

Soft tones and kind words play a major role in relationships. Are you constantly complaining about what your partner did or didn't do? Do you make negative comments like, "Don't leave the toilet seat up!" or "How long does it take to empty the trash?"

How can you fix it?

Instead of focusing on the negatives, highlight the positives. Use loving words like "Honey, thank you so much for taking out the trash."  Showing some over-the-top appreciation really works!

Bad Habit #4: Refusing to Apologize

Refusing to admit your mistake or to say sorry can seriously damage your relationship. It can be considered selfish and disrespectful.  Also, your partner may find it difficult to forgive you.

How can you fix it?

Say, "I am sorry." Your partner would prefer to hear it rather than assume it. Take responsibility for your actions; deal with the consequences; and try to avoid a repeat of your behavior.

Bad Habit #5: Pointless Criticism

When your criticism is harsh and comes from a destructive place, there is absolutely no reason for your partner to keep listening.

How can you fix it?

Focus less on criticizing and more on offering support and encouragement.

Work on your bad communication habits, if you want your relationship to last. You and your partner will be happy you did!

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