Times That You May Wish To Attend Church Before The Workday

Many people who regularly attend church services do so on Sundays, and may also meet with groups of parishioners for Bible study and other events during the week. This doesn't mean that you can't attend church more frequently, however, should you be drawn to do so. Many churches have daily morning services, and while these services might not be as elaborate as those that take place on Sundays, they can be beneficial to your life. You may even choose to attend church at the start of the workday—if not daily—then perhaps at these three times.

Before A Big Meeting

If you have a workday that will include a big meeting, a presentation, or some other type of event that has you feeling a little anxious, attending a morning church service before you go to work can be a good idea. Doing so has an ability to not only help you to relax, but to also put things in perspective for you. For example, you might be thinking that your career depends on the meeting that you'll be in attending. When you go to church first, you'll remember that in the big picture, living a life of faith and integrity are more important than succeeding in the meeting. This reminder may help to remove some of the pressure about the meeting — which can then help you to perform.

Before A Termination

Sometimes, you may have to terminate people who work for you, and this can be a difficult day for obvious reasons. While getting to work early to prepare for this unpleasant encounter might be a priority, you could try to do things a little differently and visit your church before work instead. Doing so can help to calm you and perhaps also remind you of the need for compassion when you conduct this business, given that compassion is a central theme of many lessons in scripture.

Before A Job Interview

If you're interviewing for a new position, you may want to consider starting your day by attending a church service. The hours that lead up to a job interview can be exceeding stressful because of the pressure that you feel to perform. It's easy to tell yourself that this interview will impact your live moving forward — and perhaps it will, to some degree — but a short time spent in church can also remind you that there are more important things in life than how to answer each question during the interview.

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